Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord (Malignance)


Those of you IN the business of Evil, will know that sorrow follows all who basically annoy me. This has ever been the case, and ever will be the case. It is a matter of business, and One takes care to ensure that business is taken care of.

To that end, some updates appearing in Facebook yesterday;
(You'll have to chase them down, and read them yourselves, AND, remember, heroes delete and hide their shame faster than a speeding bullet).

1) Battle of the Titanic Egos
Jack Cero, "Embrace the Malignance" darling and hardcore street justice/Facebook storytime styled vigilante, has gone after Phoenix Jones, self styled "Savior Of Us All" and Sport Cage Fighter at Large. His avenue of attack? Simple questions posed in Facebook, that Jones would not want to answer. The kinds of questions that call into light, just exactly what the hell you think you're doing Sport Cage Fighting Random Innocent Citizens.

Needless to say, blocking, and proxy ego strokes are running rampant. It's the superhero way. One found myself (Me!) blocked by the Former Zetaman. Just as well - One would only point out, "Playing superhero pandering to a camera" was practically invented by Zetaman, and  Jones is his heir as much as anyone.

2) Superheroes Harm People
Longtime and long forgotten troll, Agent Mixsae, known to Villains by her attempted "Sheep in Wolf's Clothing" covert ID "PST" or "Pint Sized Tyrant", as part of the Skiffy trio including Voldemort, and Mr. Jingles, has used her superhero ways to apparently "out" the secret and real life identity of one of their most clandestine members. Because there really IS a security concern here, One won't mention his name. You'll know who he is, as a member of the audience to whom this post is written. Because of this change in his status, he's apparently lost his job. One won't ponder why he would risk such an important job, doing what he apparently knew would cause him to lose it if known. Perhaps he had his reasons.

Because of this game of Seduction and Betrayal, a real person has suffered irreparable harm, due to the actions of superheroes. It is a filthy business, these acts of Seduction and Betrayal, and shames all involved.

So, the three of them, wretches all, are finding their  justice, and are being found out for what they are: Dangerous Frauds, shouting their self righteousness, while secretly engaging in the most nasty, deplorable behaviors imaginable. And they surround themselves constantly with children, and sell their "wholesomeness".

What has One done to enact any of this at all? Nothing but patiently waited for their superheroic qualities to become evident to a wider audience. One was there, at the beginning of this blog, fighting these superheroes, wherever they spread their lies, and hate. But not alone - Villainy began, and was shaped by their awfulness, their pandering self aggrandizement, their incessant faux martydom; , and we grew strong against them, and remain strong still.

The world is catching up to the truth on superheroes, but Villains knew first, and have been consistent in battling their extremist agenda to harm innocent people. Even when that harm comes to one of their own.

We Are Villains.

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