Thursday, November 27, 2014

Malignanceship Launch Scheduled

Greetings and Lamentations,

Despite some forboding over messages received that were not yet sent, the Malignanceship is preparing for a launch into Earth's orbit next year in March. There have been these energy bursts you see - transmissions from beneath My Colorado Holdfast. Transmissions to What One does not yet know. Transmissions Sent and replied to by forces outside of my knowledge and domain.

THIS, will Never do. And so, to confront the Unknown, in space outside my Holdfast - outside Earth's atmosphere itself, One has created the Marvel that is


A gestalt of Villain technologies, Stolen DARPA blueprints, and Hanger18 Research. From this all, by my Hand and Will, the ship of space has been wrought. Standing 22 stories high, and containing an experimental FoldSpace Drive, my crew of Hench and Minions - 50 disposable scientists mostly, with myself in command, WILL find answers.

And ALL, whether of this Earth or Beyond, will CROUCH! before Me.

I AM Lord Malignance,
Dire Ruler of the Mighty Colorado Holdfast,
Lord Master of Domain, and None shall plot On, Above, Below, or Beyond designs upon that which is Mine to Take and Hold.

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