Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Malignanceship in Atmospheric Test Flight

The Malignanceship in atmospheric flight.

The ship has No aerodynamic qualities and burns chemical fuel for propulsion in any gravity well. In space, the electrically powered Ion Drive would be used for long distance travel.

Some notes:

1) Fixed the thruster balancing to maintain stable flight operations.

2) She burns fuel at a furious rate - so much so, that the launch, maneuvers around in orbit and reentry is all she's likely capable of doing before the fuel runs out. Maybe a little more w/emergency reserves.

3) No Landing capability - the hydrogen scoop on the bottom of the hull eliminates that possibility. Will either make it back to the Launching structure, or put down in the ocean. Or other suitably deep body of water (my Colorado Holdfast has no such volumes to qualify).

Launch is just over a month away. Still deciphering the strange signals, and that letter salad message from the suspected future. Will try to post them, and a video before launch. Time is racing the schedules fearsomely as it is.

22 decks, half cargo, storage, and equipment, half crew and living/working spaces. Designed for a crew of 100 to serve for a 3 month (to rationed 12 month) duration. If there's anything or anyone out there, One will find the answers.

-Lord Malignance
(the EPA will have a Field day with the emission profiles on Malignanceship)


  1. Great update! I look forward to hearing about your travels and any potential life forms you may have the opportunity to meet!

    -Accalon (currently Greta Graves-Golightly)

  2. Accalon - apologies - One didn't see your message until just now. You have my email of course, and One still has yours hopefully. Yes! One has fallen a little behind - launch failures and small mishaps. And the mob has failed at the Accounting this year, so One has had to assist. If just One More Henchman tells me "What if they say no?" One will be burying them in the Wilderness.

    The discipline of course is that "No" is not even an option. It would be as if a Spider crawled our of their mouth. You don't Hear the word, you have no understanding of it in context. Ask Again. Ask like you Really mean it.

    Henchmen. One wanted to be In Orbit by now... (Cool stuff coming up. Probably poorly delivered, but New and Fun and undoubtedly Evil.

    Hope you and all are well,