Monday, March 16, 2015

PreLaunch Testing and Final Crew and Equipment being assembled...

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you WILL Crouch! before me Now.
(Villains, and Hench who EARN excepted of course)

Exciting times here at the Galt's Gulch Space Center. Recent atmospheric maneuvering tests and reentry evaluations have been done in the previous weeks and days. Malignanceship is still carrying the name "Space Cow" by NASA, but they're merely jealous of the funding One has amassed by running extortion rackets and activities of political influence.

You might say, in the 21st Century, there would have to Be a Lobbyist For Crime.
Other than K Street....

So, some updates as One prepares to launch into Earth's Orbit onboard the Impossible Malignanceship in a bold mission designed to track the otherworldly receiver and transmitter of strange communication signals coming from beneath my Colorado Holdfast.

First Attempt (Even had a Big X to shoot for - and Missed).

Second Attempt (Got the continent right).

Third Attempt (Caught on Camera this time).

5 Month mission, 100 person compliment comprised of 50 Crew, Hench, and Minions, and 50 leading scientists. Except Hawking who said One was "Crazy" (Bah!) and DeGrasse Tyson who filed a restraining order against a kidnap squad of Team Malignance who Coincidentally just happened to be in his neighborhood. Nye got away on a bike - just saying, the man is Fast on a bike. So Leading Scientists who are not quite so well known as my counterparts in the "Good" science fields. Malignobots have been repurposed as Probes and repair bots (though, One just kind of slapped in some programming modules, and the Sentinel Features are all ROM chips on the circuit boards, so problems keep recurring. Like if you Hold a drill, they attack. That was a surprise). 

An opportunity arose to create a new class of Malignobot - the MaligKnight. Based on the chesspiece. Naturally as unusual as "MaligKnight" might be, someone thought of it first. Due to the (it turns out in testing) Very poor gravity simulators on Malignanceship, this new class would be rollers on treads, with a directional electromagnet on the bottom of their chassy.

Fun side note: Did you know that Malignobots in zero gravity just start firing their argon weapons array for no programming reason whatsoever? It surprised the flight crew too. Working on that.

Last little bit of business;
SUtech the Lair AI has been ported into Malignanceship as the resident command AI. There IS a Malignanceship AI, but it's rudimentary and not as nuanced. That Said, SUtech has not ported over entirely well. One didn't Code the program that makes up the system - One paid Villainous programmers, stole some code from here and there, nicked some DARPA research, and kind of put it all together so that it works most of the time. And for the Lair, that was pretty good - though it never Did manage to hit any of the nearby asteroid passes with the Roof Mounted PetaWatt Superlaser. But for the vast number of systems in a Spaceship, SUtech is wildly inadequate. Worse, because One enjoyed a liberal use of language with the voice recognition systems, SUtech has a dangerously literal understanding and autonomous initiative at the most inconvenient times.

The other bit, is that One has had some of the captured transmission running in a translation decompile for a month now. DeEncryption and codebreaker translation algorithms and arrays of word/concept replacement matrices  have been plied with limited results. And while there Has been some success, the transmission it seems is badly degraded and corrupt. Still - more than the NRA propaganda One had been able to glean by recognized patterns. One will try to have this up before we start physical evaluations for crew boarding and the planned launch.

From the Galt's Gulch Space Center,
- Lord Malignance 

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