Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Countdown to the Launch...

Greetings and Lamentations,

The Launch planned for March has obviously been delayed. Some of the crew of civilian scientists have demanded more time. And while we delay the launch, the plodding world of traditional science has Finally caught up to My earlier work;

Strange Radio Signals seen emanating from Space - but Also, from Beneath the Earth's Surface. What Is the mystery of these strange energy transmissions and What is the horrific secret they conceal?
And Which MetaVillain has been building a spaceship to go out into Earth's Orbit to better understand them?
If you read back on this blog, you'll see One was, Once Again and Always, "Ahead of the Curve". By the time NASA or the European Space Agency get Anything launched, my crew and myself will have returned from our mission into Earth's Orbit in the Malignanceship.

Testing ongoing, supplies being loaded as we wait for the the "good" science lackeys to get their affairs in order. Just a quick post.


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