Sunday, June 28, 2015

Malignanceship Upgrades

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you Will Crouch! before me now;
(Villains excepted, of course)

Malignanceship upgrades continue
New more powerful engines
Better rocket exhausts
External Fuel tanks
Sensor Dishes
A weapons array (just in case of space debris orbiting Earth)
And a prototype extravehicular service pod.

These all are being added, and the launch structure being made ready. We're also putting the name on the ship for sake of my ego... not like there's any chance of mistaking it as it breaks a myriad number of laws and statutes as it lifts off and into Earth's atmosphere.

While working in Qurey at the Galt's Gulch Space Center where Malignanceship has been secretly built, the Lair Grounds have fallen to disarray. One had hoped the badger nest would have kept that kind of problem under control, but no. It would appear Not..

One has indulged Oneself and picked up a bass guitar (extra money purposed to a cause no longer viable). One can't actually Play a Bass, but One is enjoying the learning of it, and the Hench are going to try their hands at various instruments. There might be a little downtime in space and it would help pass the time. Not entirely sure what vibrational instruments will do in a zero gravity environment. Malignanceship Does have a gravity simulation system though - twin axial gravimetric engines that use centrifugal forces to generate a field that is magnetically inverted as an axis through the centerline of the ship - it's just particularly temperamental and more than a little unreliable. It likely will remain a test prototype from which data will be drawn.

With the success of translating the Strange Energy Emanations, One has put the resources to the Quantum Tunneling Protocol Intercommunication (Q.T.P.I) array (using Spooky Attraction tied into the Malignoscope communications array) and the translation algorithms against that weird message received earlier.

It clearly IS a transmission and apparently having been sent by the future date of August 8th, 2015. It references a name One doesn't know - "Lmae Orlisunuctun". One determined that the name was a word scramble from a Latin phrase "male consuluerint" - "Bad Decisions" (there's a letter corruption from E transliterated as U).

The mystery deepens then; why would the Lair AI send a message through the QTPI+Malignoscope experiment, and how can it have sent it from the apparent future? And then - who/what is Bad Decisions and what mistake are they making? Is it a program or protocol? Some kind of AI type thing? (One didn't code SUtech - outsourced to Villainous Code Houses).

So, One is working on all these things at present, and slowly (months behind schedule) preparing for a launch into space to scan for anything that could be out there receiving the communications from the NRAliens hiding beneath the Earth's Surface promoting gun violence and the 6th Extinction.

Speaking of SUTech - the port to the Ship's OS is not quite a fit. SUtech as a Lair AI is very literal - "electrify the roof" code activation "Fry Some Ninjas" is a direct instruction. But in the ship is so vast conceptually - so many systems, so many words if misspoken activate a literal response from SUtech as the Malignanceship AI.. "It's hot in here" could be taken as an instruction to lower temperature, or to vent atmosphere - SUtech doesn't have the discrimination to evaluate the weights and values of any statement against realworld conditions or variables. Some slapdash modules are being coded and assembled, but it probably won't be enough before the launch. As that will be the case, One is having voice control structured to accept only my voice. Safer that way, with 100 henchcrew and scientistslaves wandering around cursing me all the time.

Should have the Malignanceship upgrades completed shortly, and another test flight scheduled after that. Hopefully a video of the flight, and maybe something from the GGSC (Galt's Gulch Space Center).

-Lord Malignance

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