Saturday, December 27, 2014

It wasn't Santa...

Greetings and Lamentations!

Maybe not the best idea, but the first Flight test of the Malignanceship was conducted Christmas night when theoretically no one was awake. The Launch deadline approaches in March, and up until this test One wasn't sure it would actually Fly.

Some notes. The stabilizers (the large roundels on the side of the front) are over compensating and have to be trimmed back - the pitch is putting too much strain on the forward thrusters. This is critical as they are chemical fueled and will overheat and melt. Because of aerodynamic drag (there Are no aerodynamics) the thrusters are all that are keeping the ship in the air. Once in space, the ship can travel the long distances w/an electric Ion Drive, the primary thruster and the Huge (seen from NORAD) red glow from aft.

The hydrogen scoop (on the bottom) was untested because the atmosphere makes such test irrelevant, but in the space above Colorado's atmosphere and in orbit and beyond, it will harvest enough to fire the hydrogen annihilators to produce energy for the ship's systems.

It steers like a pig by way. Probably better in space. Hope so.

SUtech has integrated into the Ship systems enough to operate it by voice command or follow whatever simple instructions are given. Honestly though, it was the Lair AI, and is particularly literal about language. The problem There being its former responsibilities being lights and security - the malignoscope (videophone), are nowhere near as complex as a Spaceship created from the Best technology of today, melded with Area51 plans from the DarkNet, Stolen DARPA schematics, Villain Technology, and Hanger18 analyses.

The JumpDrive powered up well - it should have the ability to foldspace by bending an artificial singularity into a Casimir field and creating a mathematical Einstein-Rosen Bridge. It won't be tested on the maiden voyage of course, but it Is ready and standing by.

But no, the Primary Function of the Malignanceship is to track the patterned energy emanations coming from beneath My Colorado Holdfast and being broadcast into and beyond the atmosphere. SomeThing is there. The emanations are some form of communication, and the small bit of data that Was recognizable and could be pulled out of the rest was an NRA voter rigging scare tactic commercial. The Usual. Why This would be broadcast into space is a mystery, and that it comes from beneath My Colorado Holdfast makes it paramount to discover. To understand. To Rule.

Blurry - Ion Drive at Full Power (useless inside the gravity well). Buffer Generators at front creating the navigational shunt for escaping the Earth's Orbital Garbage Rings.

Passby. She's clumsy, fragile, incapable of landing in anything but a launch structure or a large deep body of liquid - but she's an Instrument of Discovery. All Will Crouch Before Me!

What could possibly go wrong?

By the way, and for the Record. THIS guy, just beat the North Korean tyrant dictator. Let that Sink In, and be Proud of our Democracy, our Leadership, our Traditions and Values. Our Courage to be the people we Say we are, in the face of Terrorist threats. We Win when we hold to our values and not accept their's (Torture, you NeoCon nitwits).

Proud to be an American, Dire Ruler of the Mighty Colorado Holdfast.

Your Merciless Ruler,
-Lord Malignance

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Malignanceship Launch Scheduled

Greetings and Lamentations,

Despite some forboding over messages received that were not yet sent, the Malignanceship is preparing for a launch into Earth's orbit next year in March. There have been these energy bursts you see - transmissions from beneath My Colorado Holdfast. Transmissions to What One does not yet know. Transmissions Sent and replied to by forces outside of my knowledge and domain.

THIS, will Never do. And so, to confront the Unknown, in space outside my Holdfast - outside Earth's atmosphere itself, One has created the Marvel that is


A gestalt of Villain technologies, Stolen DARPA blueprints, and Hanger18 Research. From this all, by my Hand and Will, the ship of space has been wrought. Standing 22 stories high, and containing an experimental FoldSpace Drive, my crew of Hench and Minions - 50 disposable scientists mostly, with myself in command, WILL find answers.

And ALL, whether of this Earth or Beyond, will CROUCH! before Me.

I AM Lord Malignance,
Dire Ruler of the Mighty Colorado Holdfast,
Lord Master of Domain, and None shall plot On, Above, Below, or Beyond designs upon that which is Mine to Take and Hold.