Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Malignopalooza 2015 - Whew!

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you Will Crouch! before me Now.
(Villains excepted, of course)

Those who have found the Wisdom to Crouch! before already, know that One has some appointments each year. The Accounting in the month of March, where One travels the state and accepts my due tribute from those who Serve Me.

And of course, Malignopalooza, the anniversary of One's beginning Online Evil, August 1st each year. This was year SIX, and as such, a large series of parties feasts, fetes and demonstrations of fealty were made, and One was obligated to accept these prostrations before Me.

And the subsequent recovery.

One genuinely believes they went all out this year believing that One would choose one of Them, to Rule My Colorado Holdfast in my upcoming absence. One shouldn't be gone long enough for it to matter. A couple months, maybe a year.

While One has been burning the Tuxedo Circuit in-state, upgrades and repairs to Malignanceship have been ongoing. It really Did suicide itself with an automatic upgrade to Windows10. The software overwrote the scripts for SUtech, gutted the voice controls and replaced it with Cortana. Cortana IS superior, in every measurable way - but; She's not Mine. Not Evil in that way One wants and needs. One will not Live in a "Matrix" not of my own creation.

So, One is looking at LINUX. Yes, it's finally gotten that desperate. There's some software out there, and one is taking a sheet of links to the computer lab onboard. One Has to - the Lair has been gutted and all resources moved into the Malignanceship. But there are many labs onboard, and a serviceable computerlab (used for robotics, but it works for a Lair/Ship AI as well).

A note: The video received from the Future? It was sent from a date just passed - and Nothing happened (that we can see). Quantum sweeps are ongoing, and the results have been inconclusive. Quarks. You Look at them, and they change state. Bah!

Upcoming features;
One found the UserID and Password for at Least One of the VBN Channels (Expect to see some of the works running around to be collected there).

We're almost ready for another test flight, and One hopes to get some footage posted.

One has been trying to monitor the strange energy emanations for anything new - but: One has been found - aetheric ripples occurring around the times of the transmissions from beneath the Earth's Surface. It Could be a reply of some sort, so That is being investigated. One thinks they might be neutrinos, and they're proving difficult to perceive let alone interact with in any way. But that is where One is looking next.

One needs to upgrade this blog with a sidebar with links, and one to the GGSC when they get their site up and running (because they're Also a secretive organization). Maybe C.L.A.W. - the European Cabal of Villains. Something on Nym Wars (One is leveraging pressure on a Certain Social Network. Heh... ).

If One doesn't launch into Earth's atmosphere soon, politics will start, and One will get sucked into That. So, Yes, need to get SUtech recoded as quickly as possible. Linux hardware driver coding. Can't wait.

- Lord Malignance
The GGSC Launch Structure aboard Malignanceship
Ourey, Colorado

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Malignanceship Upgrades

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you Will Crouch! before me now;
(Villains excepted, of course)

Malignanceship upgrades continue
New more powerful engines
Better rocket exhausts
External Fuel tanks
Sensor Dishes
A weapons array (just in case of space debris orbiting Earth)
And a prototype extravehicular service pod.

These all are being added, and the launch structure being made ready. We're also putting the name on the ship for sake of my ego... not like there's any chance of mistaking it as it breaks a myriad number of laws and statutes as it lifts off and into Earth's atmosphere.

While working in Qurey at the Galt's Gulch Space Center where Malignanceship has been secretly built, the Lair Grounds have fallen to disarray. One had hoped the badger nest would have kept that kind of problem under control, but no. It would appear Not..

One has indulged Oneself and picked up a bass guitar (extra money purposed to a cause no longer viable). One can't actually Play a Bass, but One is enjoying the learning of it, and the Hench are going to try their hands at various instruments. There might be a little downtime in space and it would help pass the time. Not entirely sure what vibrational instruments will do in a zero gravity environment. Malignanceship Does have a gravity simulation system though - twin axial gravimetric engines that use centrifugal forces to generate a field that is magnetically inverted as an axis through the centerline of the ship - it's just particularly temperamental and more than a little unreliable. It likely will remain a test prototype from which data will be drawn.

With the success of translating the Strange Energy Emanations, One has put the resources to the Quantum Tunneling Protocol Intercommunication (Q.T.P.I) array (using Spooky Attraction tied into the Malignoscope communications array) and the translation algorithms against that weird message received earlier.

It clearly IS a transmission and apparently having been sent by the future date of August 8th, 2015. It references a name One doesn't know - "Lmae Orlisunuctun". One determined that the name was a word scramble from a Latin phrase "male consuluerint" - "Bad Decisions" (there's a letter corruption from E transliterated as U).

The mystery deepens then; why would the Lair AI S.U.tech send a message through the QTPI+Malignoscope experiment, and how can it have sent it from the apparent future? And then - who/what is Bad Decisions and what mistake are they making? Is it a program or protocol? Some kind of AI type thing? (One didn't code SUtech - outsourced to Villainous Code Houses).

So, One is working on all these things at present, and slowly (months behind schedule) preparing for a launch into space to scan for anything that could be out there receiving the communications from the NRAliens hiding beneath the Earth's Surface promoting gun violence and the 6th Extinction.

Speaking of SUTech - the port to the Ship's OS is not quite a fit. SUtech as a Lair AI is very literal - "electrify the roof" code activation "Fry Some Ninjas" is a direct instruction. But in the ship is so vast conceptually - so many systems, so many words if misspoken activate a literal response from SUtech as the Malignanceship AI.. "It's hot in here" could be taken as an instruction to lower temperature, or to vent atmosphere - SUtech doesn't have the discrimination to evaluate the weights and values of any statement against realworld conditions or variables. Some slapdash modules are being coded and assembled, but it probably won't be enough before the launch. As that will be the case, One is having voice control structured to accept only my voice. Safer that way, with 100 henchcrew and scientistslaves wandering around cursing me all the time.

Should have the Malignanceship upgrades completed shortly, and another test flight scheduled after that. Hopefully a video of the flight, and maybe something from the GGSC (Galt's Gulch Space Center).

-Lord Malignance

Monday, June 1, 2015

VNS Episode 4: The Strange Energy Surges Decrypted

Late on the Launch of Malignanceship - in recent atmospheric maneuvering exercises it was determined that there was a hazardous radiation leak in the area of the ship nearest the primary propulsion system - the Ion Drive. Heavy shielding was added, and that weight had to be factored into the launch systems which use chemical fuel for rocket lifters.

That Did however, allow time for the strange Energy Surges to be investigated, confirming other research that has been ongoing for years now. There is Something going on.

Launch dates are being recalculated and further testing and loading of supplies is ongoing at this time. The crew are back to their lives until called upon to report for the launch.

Oh, when One gets Back from space, those Lizardmen will be made to Crouch! before me. Who knows, maybe they have something to steal?

-Lord Malignnace
June 1st, 2015
Galt's Gulch Space Center
the Mighty Colorado Holdfast

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Countdown to the Launch...

Greetings and Lamentations,

The Launch planned for March has obviously been delayed. Some of the crew of civilian scientists have demanded more time. And while we delay the launch, the plodding world of traditional science has Finally caught up to My earlier work;

Strange Radio Signals seen emanating from Space - but Also, from Beneath the Earth's Surface. What Is the mystery of these strange energy transmissions and What is the horrific secret they conceal?
And Which MetaVillain has been building a spaceship to go out into Earth's Orbit to better understand them?
If you read back on this blog, you'll see One was, Once Again and Always, "Ahead of the Curve". By the time NASA or the European Space Agency get Anything launched, my crew and myself will have returned from our mission into Earth's Orbit in the Malignanceship.

Testing ongoing, supplies being loaded as we wait for the the "good" science lackeys to get their affairs in order. Just a quick post.


Monday, March 16, 2015

PreLaunch Testing and Final Crew and Equipment being assembled...

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you WILL Crouch! before me Now.
(Villains, and Hench who EARN excepted of course)

Exciting times here at the Galt's Gulch Space Center. Recent atmospheric maneuvering tests and reentry evaluations have been done in the previous weeks and days. Malignanceship is still carrying the name "Space Cow" by NASA, but they're merely jealous of the funding One has amassed by running extortion rackets and activities of political influence.

You might say, in the 21st Century, there would have to Be a Lobbyist For Crime.
Other than K Street....

So, some updates as One prepares to launch into Earth's Orbit onboard the Impossible Malignanceship in a bold mission designed to track the otherworldly receiver and transmitter of strange communication signals coming from beneath my Colorado Holdfast.

First Attempt (Even had a Big X to shoot for - and Missed).

Second Attempt (Got the continent right).

Third Attempt (Caught on Camera this time).

5 Month mission, 100 person compliment comprised of 50 Crew, Hench, and Minions, and 50 leading scientists. Except Hawking who said One was "Crazy" (Bah!) and DeGrasse Tyson who filed a restraining order against a kidnap squad of Team Malignance who Coincidentally just happened to be in his neighborhood. Nye got away on a bike - just saying, the man is Fast on a bike. So Leading Scientists who are not quite so well known as my counterparts in the "Good" science fields. Malignobots have been repurposed as Probes and repair bots (though, One just kind of slapped in some programming modules, and the Sentinel Features are all ROM chips on the circuit boards, so problems keep recurring. Like if you Hold a drill, they attack. That was a surprise). 

An opportunity arose to create a new class of Malignobot - the MaligKnight. Based on the chesspiece. Naturally as unusual as "MaligKnight" might be, someone thought of it first. Due to the (it turns out in testing) Very poor gravity simulators on Malignanceship, this new class would be rollers on treads, with a directional electromagnet on the bottom of their chassy.

Fun side note: Did you know that Malignobots in zero gravity just start firing their argon weapons array for no programming reason whatsoever? It surprised the flight crew too. Working on that.

Last little bit of business;
SUtech the Lair AI has been ported into Malignanceship as the resident command AI. There IS a Malignanceship AI, but it's rudimentary and not as nuanced. That Said, SUtech has not ported over entirely well. One didn't Code the program that makes up the system - One paid Villainous programmers, stole some code from here and there, nicked some DARPA research, and kind of put it all together so that it works most of the time. And for the Lair, that was pretty good - though it never Did manage to hit any of the nearby asteroid passes with the Roof Mounted PetaWatt Superlaser. But for the vast number of systems in a Spaceship, SUtech is wildly inadequate. Worse, because One enjoyed a liberal use of language with the voice recognition systems, SUtech has a dangerously literal understanding and autonomous initiative at the most inconvenient times.

The other bit, is that One has had some of the captured transmission running in a translation decompile for a month now. DeEncryption and codebreaker translation algorithms and arrays of word/concept replacement matrices  have been plied with limited results. And while there Has been some success, the transmission it seems is badly degraded and corrupt. Still - more than the NRA propaganda One had been able to glean by recognized patterns. One will try to have this up before we start physical evaluations for crew boarding and the planned launch.

From the Galt's Gulch Space Center,
- Lord Malignance 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Malignanceship in Atmospheric Test Flight

The Malignanceship in atmospheric flight.

The ship has No aerodynamic qualities and burns chemical fuel for propulsion in any gravity well. In space, the electrically powered Ion Drive would be used for long distance travel.

Some notes:

1) Fixed the thruster balancing to maintain stable flight operations.

2) She burns fuel at a furious rate - so much so, that the launch, maneuvers around in orbit and reentry is all she's likely capable of doing before the fuel runs out. Maybe a little more w/emergency reserves.

3) No Landing capability - the hydrogen scoop on the bottom of the hull eliminates that possibility. Will either make it back to the Launching structure, or put down in the ocean. Or other suitably deep body of water (my Colorado Holdfast has no such volumes to qualify).

Launch is just over a month away. Still deciphering the strange signals, and that letter salad message from the suspected future. Will try to post them, and a video before launch. Time is racing the schedules fearsomely as it is.

22 decks, half cargo, storage, and equipment, half crew and living/working spaces. Designed for a crew of 100 to serve for a 3 month (to rationed 12 month) duration. If there's anything or anyone out there, One will find the answers.

-Lord Malignance
(the EPA will have a Field day with the emission profiles on Malignanceship)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

PreLaunch Checklists...

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance, and you Will Crouch! before me now;
(Villains still excepted)

The Malignanceship is being readied, fueled and well supplied for launch in March (One is dodging the Accounting this year, and having Hench do the work), and while working on all these issues, some thoughts and pursuits have come to mind, prompted no doubt by the mysterious message One received, seemingly From-the-Future.

This message appeared when One tied the malignoscope (lair communications array) through the Quantum Tunneling Protocol Intercommunication system onboard the Malignanceship powered by the "spooky attraction" jump drive. Yes, One was troubleshooting a problem and went a little outside the margins. The message that arrived appeared to be from my lair A.I (now ship's A.I.) S.U.tech with a date and time stamp of August 14th, 2015. It goes on to name something/someone and a mistake being made. The name "LMAE ORLISENUCTUN" does not match any technology or naming convention that One knows. It appears to be word scrambles brought on by corruption in signal. Descrambling the words is taking some time, but they Must have a meaning surely. One has been experimenting with the setup and while the results are interesting... it had One thinking of future trends.

It's Vision. Villains have Vision like an Evil Superpower. Some thoughts;

Drones. My Malignobots being a small tip of the iceberg. With microdrones being deployed, and the prevalence of the technology in domestic markets, AND the world-wide availability of the technology, the frightening consequences of this is yet only in the developmental stage. Think: Drone Assassinations. Privacy eroded, and worse, expectations of privacy diminished. Search and Rescue becomes the Police state as drones - unblinking sentinels guard in ways humans never could. Molecular Drones - medical marvels, but Also, so much More. This "Genie" is out of the bottle, and can never go back. Interesting.

The 13th Doctor Who will be a woman.
Time Index 1:34
Precedent has been set
Moffat is a Ratings Hound

Revolutions. One supposes at some time, there was the Hunter-Gatherer Revolution, and this shaped civilization. Followed by the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution just past by scant decades, the Information Age - which One contends, has Ended. We now find ourselves in the Data Revolution. It's no longer about Building the Technology, it's Using the technology. Data Mining, Gene Mapping, and Hacking are all the first evidence of this transition occurring. The Singularity Sleeps. And that should bring Hope to mankind One certainly hopes.

Lastly, the Sixth Extinction. One has been tracking what One now concludes must be communication from Beneath the Colorado Holdfast into space beyond Earth's atmosphere. These transmissions while indecipherable contain clear NRA (National Rifle Association) propaganda. What Folly of Man to believe themselves immune to Gaia Theory? The Sixth Extinction - Climate Change and Sociological Reactions To It will dominate the future and scrambles to secure fuel at first and lastly drinking water. The Himalayas produce the rivers which feed some of the worlds most populous nations. Where will they Go, when the water becomes scarce? Hint: Where the water is Left. Still - half empty/half full. If you Believe in evolution, you Know, Life Finds a Way. There's math behind this all by the way. Beautiful math, theories, formulae, and Mad Postulations.

Well, enough - those thoughts were Not going to stay quiet. Back to the Ship and it's eventual launch into space to Find the target of those transmissions. The world may Burn, but MY Colorado Holdfast will Survive, by My Will it will be so.

-Lord Malignance
Ruler of the Mighty Colorado Holdfast
Captain of the Impossible Malignanceship

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