Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Malignanceship in Atmospheric Test Flight

The Malignanceship in atmospheric flight.

The ship has No aerodynamic qualities and burns chemical fuel for propulsion in any gravity well. In space, the electrically powered Ion Drive would be used for long distance travel.

Some notes:

1) Fixed the thruster balancing to maintain stable flight operations.

2) She burns fuel at a furious rate - so much so, that the launch, maneuvers around in orbit and reentry is all she's likely capable of doing before the fuel runs out. Maybe a little more w/emergency reserves.

3) No Landing capability - the hydrogen scoop on the bottom of the hull eliminates that possibility. Will either make it back to the Launching structure, or put down in the ocean. Or other suitably deep body of water (my Colorado Holdfast has no such volumes to qualify).

Launch is just over a month away. Still deciphering the strange signals, and that letter salad message from the suspected future. Will try to post them, and a video before launch. Time is racing the schedules fearsomely as it is.

22 decks, half cargo, storage, and equipment, half crew and living/working spaces. Designed for a crew of 100 to serve for a 3 month (to rationed 12 month) duration. If there's anything or anyone out there, One will find the answers.

-Lord Malignance
(the EPA will have a Field day with the emission profiles on Malignanceship)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

PreLaunch Checklists...

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance, and you Will Crouch! before me now;
(Villains still excepted)

The Malignanceship is being readied, fueled and well supplied for launch in March (One is dodging the Accounting this year, and having Hench do the work), and while working on all these issues, some thoughts and pursuits have come to mind, prompted no doubt by the mysterious message One received, seemingly From-the-Future.

This message appeared when One tied the malignoscope (lair communications array) through the Quantum Tunneling Protocol Intercommunication system onboard the Malignanceship powered by the "spooky attraction" jump drive. Yes, One was troubleshooting a problem and went a little outside the margins. The message that arrived appeared to be from my lair A.I (now ship's A.I.) with a date and time stamp of August 14th, 2015. It goes on to name something/someone and a mistake being made. The name "LMAE ORLISENUCTUN" does not match any technology or naming convention that One knows. It appears to be word scrambles brought on by corruption in signal. Descrambling the words is taking some time, but they Must have a meaning surely. One has been experimenting with the setup and while the results are interesting... it had One thinking of future trends.

It's Vision. Villains have Vision like an Evil Superpower. Some thoughts;

Drones. My Malignobots being a small tip of the iceberg. With microdrones being deployed, and the prevalence of the technology in domestic markets, AND the world-wide availability of the technology, the frightening consequences of this is yet only in the developmental stage. Think: Drone Assassinations. Privacy eroded, and worse, expectations of privacy diminished. Search and Rescue becomes the Police state as drones - unblinking sentinels guard in ways humans never could. Molecular Drones - medical marvels, but Also, so much More. This "Genie" is out of the bottle, and can never go back. Interesting.

The 13th Doctor Who will be a woman.
Time Index 1:34
Precedent has been set
Moffat is a Ratings Hound

Revolutions. One supposes at some time, there was the Hunter-Gatherer Revolution, and this shaped civilization. Followed by the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution just past by scant decades, the Information Age - which One contends, has Ended. We now find ourselves in the Data Revolution. It's no longer about Building the Technology, it's Using the technology. Data Mining, Gene Mapping, and Hacking are all the first evidence of this transition occurring. The Singularity Sleeps. And that should bring Hope to mankind One certainly hopes.

Lastly, the Sixth Extinction. One has been tracking what One now concludes must be communication from Beneath the Colorado Holdfast into space beyond Earth's atmosphere. These transmissions while indecipherable contain clear NRA (National Rifle Association) propaganda. What Folly of Man to believe themselves immune to Gaia Theory? The Sixth Extinction - Climate Change and Sociological Reactions To It will dominate the future and scrambles to secure fuel at first and lastly drinking water. The Himalayas produce the rivers which feed some of the worlds most populous nations. Where will they Go, when the water becomes scarce? Hint: Where the water is Left. Still - half empty/half full. If you Believe in evolution, you Know, Life Finds a Way. There's math behind this all by the way. Beautiful math, theories, formulae, and Mad Postulations.

Well, enough - those thoughts were Not going to stay quiet. Back to the Ship and it's eventual launch into space to Find the target of those transmissions. The world may Burn, but MY Colorado Holdfast will Survive, by My Will it will be so.

-Lord Malignance
Ruler of the Mighty Colorado Holdfast
Captain of the Impossible Malignanceship

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