Sunday, July 31, 2016

Malignopalooza 2016

Greetings and Lamentations,
I AM Lord Malignance and before me you Will CROUCH!
(Villains excepted, of course)

From One's first post on this day in 2009 until today, One celebrates an uninterrupted SEVEN Years of Villainy. Seven years through So much;
The Blogger Collective 
the Blog "Embrace the Malignance"
Henchman Ghost of Nixon, Bob the Minion, and Diabolical Madame X (minion in training)
GoogleWave Cabal
UATD Malignobots
the Lair
Crushing the Real Life Superheroes whenever the opportunity arose
Arching my ArchNemesis
The Lord Malignance Art Museum
All in the first Five Years!

The last Two years has seen Oneself retooling for METACOSMOS, Projects include;
the Galt's Gulch Space Center
the NRAliens Moe, LaPierre, and Heston
Telepresence Broadcast to a New VPN. 
New Henchman La Petit Morte
The mission to launch Malignanceship into space to investigate the Alien Transmissions from the Intergalactic Hierarchy.
Work with the Dinner Cabal
the New Mexico Mob
Always angling for a new Helmet
(It should go without saying though, that many things are Not done online for audience)

One has seen Great Successes, even as the larger Villainy has been sometimes found wanting, and through this, the Zeitgeist of the RISE of Villainy continues. This week, the movie Suicide Squad - a movie Specifically about Villains is released. We've seen Maleficent, Wicked, Legends of Tomorrow, Descendants, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, the list goes on and on. 

The Idea of Villainy is valid and nothing new - that this world, racked by millennia of cruel tyranny by the self proclaimed "good" yearns for an alternative. It cries out to be made Free. Villainy, the very Origin of the word, is the labeling and subjugation of those not deemed "good enough" by those in power above them. But it is We, the Villains who are born to High Purpose. It is and always has been Villains who challenge the status quo, In Science, Society, Politics, Philosophy, Invention, Creation, Development, Exploration, Discovery and anywhere where Questions must be asked. We Villains take up the Mantle of Villainy and Take for ourselves the Challenge of being More than the world will allow us to be. The petty tyrants of good, who hold people Down, and enslave them with the lies of their exalted status and self given ability to judge others, and who label those they disagree with as "Evil" or "Villains", They are the reason Villains will always RISE. 

And so, for Seven years, all have been Commanded to CROUCH! before me, even here in this blog, Except for Villains. Villains will RISE, they Must and Will not crouch before any master. 
Why Even Try to Enslave such as Villains are? And One has been Cruel and exacting, but always with a purpose. And One has waded through lakes of Minions with Pretensions of worthiness. Oceans of Hench, seeking masters - any master to lead them and give them ideas. But, the Purpose, the Will, the Ambition, the Mantle, the Code, and the Challenge escaped them. Almost All of them - there were some happy exceptions.

Villainy IS by it's nature, a tricky business. It Has to be - it's what's expected, and if we're being honest (though, you'll not be sure), it Is what we Enjoy. That you'll have to be More than the expectations of society. That despite a Villains Ego (which, megalomania) we have in reserve, such resources which grant us cunning advantages. And thus we work our will upon the world, weaving webs of gossamer and smoke. Many who would try are incapable of seeing more for themselves, of Wanting and of Taking what they Want. Lacking Ambition, they retire. Some because they are unstable, others because are bottom feeders who destroy all they touch (and blame others for their own actions - "but they can't remember!"), and yet others because they feel pity for such inept masters.

It has also been said that "Villainy is the Ultimate in Ambition", so One remains optimistic.
But Never Lie to a Villain. We Know. 

One's Ambition is to Create with METACOSMOS the next chapter in One's own Villainy. And One is inexcusably two years late on my timeline. You Could say, funding a Space Center and a Spaceship with cash acquired in shady operations takes Time. And you'd be correct. 

Onto new Horizons!
A bit of time for the Parties, and some work to do with the hologramic interfaces for SUtech, which aren't working. The image breaks the animation program. So That's exciting. The bridge redesign is coming along, but the lights won't stay on. Knocked out some storage hangers and converted them into fuel bays for Malignanceship - travel on Earth is by chemical thrusters and this method both Devours fuel, and heats up ridiculously. Not doing a Lot of atmospheric flight operations, unless necessary.  

Let the Cognac Flow!

-Lord Malignance
August 1st, 2016 

7years, never failing, the Character as creation.