Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Enhanced Malignoscope Results

Greetings and Lamentations,

I AM Lord Malignance, Dire Ruler of the Colorado Holdfast,

Update on Ongoing Systems Testing around the Galt's Gulch Space Center in preparation for the launch of Malignanceship;

One scans Negative Space with the QTPI (Quantum Tunneling Protocol Intercommunication) prototype system tied into the Malignoscope. QTPI is the targeting system for the theoretical jump drive system for Malignanceship. The QTPI uses quantum processes associated with spooky attraction at a distance to target spacial coordinates at distances faster than Einsteinian transluminal universal constants would otherwise allow. A side effect of operating in quantum systems and within String Theory is that quarks and subatomic particles exist and may exist in states which are not fixed by Heisenberg's Theory (you may know position but not speed). That said, probabilities in quantum fields may change as you observe them and lead to some curious testing results in an M-Theory Universe.

Why does One Do this? Well - it was testing, and One wanted to have FTL (Faster Than Light) communication. The result however, was temporal anomalies appearing in the form of garbled communications. It's still happening, and as recounted on Twitter, the results have been confirmed to not always be specific or accurate. The understanding is that while we can See something from a future that may or may Not be a probable future in our own particular space/time continuity.

So One has been peering into dark corners and looking at probabilities and possible outcomes. Negative Space is an encryption term (and art) referring to looking at something that's concealed and defining it by the hole it leaves in surrounding data streams. Learning what is true by what is Not said, seeing the outline of what is hidden by defining the outline. This led to a refinement of a word scamble mistranslation of a future message sent back to last year. The words weren't lmae orlisenuctun, but consilia mala. Because, S.U.tech has only recently gotten better at translation with the enslavement of the NRAliens. (SUtech is the Lair AI, that's being shoehorned into Malignanceship with some just terrible problems).

Why does One do This? Evil mostly. It's a Villain's Business to know what is happening, and One has had vested interests in particular activities. The QTPI+Malignoscope is Wickedly inaccurate, but it is by its nature probabilistic in it's failure and success. Sufficient testing builds a data set that moves to higher probability thresholds, and higher probabilities are more likely to be accurate over time.

So it is that One has been able to see a bigger picture with an outcome Most Unwelcome. But, that said, a Bigger picture than pure selfishness has occurred, and this One must abide. One truly is Ghengis Khan to selfish drives, but What One Has said has been, and remains So. One IS a Villain just like that. Bound by and Honoring a Code associated with One's title. "Lord" is not Merely prefixture. It is Purpose.

That said, One does have a Penchant for Cobragrams.

Lotto Tickets? Why Not? Well - Large historical events have weird probabilities - lots of variables come up leading to many possible outcomes. It's something about the way people interact with the quantum field. Two people, Three people, maybe a few more, it works somewhat as terribly unreliable as it is. But the greater number of people, and it goes wildly haywire. And Thousands of people buying tickets - not technically impossible, just highly Improbable. Heh. Some Heart of Gold absurdity there, but from a strictly mathematical standpoint. So - One Won't be ripping off the Powerball anytime soon (as far as You'll know...).

So, One comes to wish Success and Happiness to us All. There are probabilities out there both incredible and rewarding, and every other possible probability. Because Somewhere, in some other probable or improbable alternate reality, there are lives very similar to ours and very different. So - make the most of the lives we have in the universe we live in. Be happy in your future, as One will be in mine.

Now, since the Powerball Jackpot Isn't going to be paying for the ongoing Malignopalooza blowout this year, One had better rip off as many of these hotels as One can!

Lord Malignance

Dire Ruler of the Colorado Holdfast

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