Saturday, November 18, 2017

An Alternate Version of a Favorite Work


Considering the possibilities proposed of alternative realities by the transmission One has been working to recover more of, One has been indulging in explorations into Alternate Versions.

Here's one such example of a well known standard. A touch point in history (as we know it in This reality).



Sunday, November 12, 2017

La Petit Mort

The Henchman has his picture now;
"La Petit Mort"
'Mort around the Lair.
Shortest (former) member of Légion Étrangère, Master of the Garrote, and Skilled Patissier and Saucier in the Kitchen.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mathematics of Male Consuluerint

From November 9th, 2014

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you Will CROUCH! before me now.
(Villains excepted, of course)

One had previously deduced that the text LMAE ORLISENUCTUN in context of the video above was a name. An advisement from the AI SUtech transmitted at some time in what was Then the future (now the past). But the name didn't make any sense.

One can intuit Latin Cognates from the letters, but their arrangement was not decipherable. That required a computer and Fortunately, SUtech - which Might have sent the message in some version of the past that was Not the version that occurred - a Potential Reality that Didn't happen - is just such a computer. That and Google Translate.

The first word LMAE One had concluded was "LAME" - or a meaning associated with the meaning of lame. Or MALE - a masculine label. The other word with too may letters was not decipherable. However - deducing the second word while applying the possible known first name as either Lame or Male did produce a number of possibilities. The one that came through with highest confidence of probability is;

   L M A E  O R L I S E N U C T U N
   M A L E  C O N S U L U E R I N T

The name is "Male Consuluerint" which most closely translates from the dead language Latin as "Bad Decisions". In context, the corrupted message above translates as "Bad Decisions" you are making a mistake".

The message originates from SUtech beaming through the QTPI Interface (which One has been using to scan probabilities around work events. It has twice incorrectly predicted a North Korean Hydrogen Bomb Test, and Twice been incorrect. The Reliability is not useful in that it predicts things that either will or might happen and doesn't easily distinguish between the two. Almost certainly it Can't. The mathematics around quantum mechanics is Quarky. Heisenberg is a Huge Variable to space travel, and tied into the Malignoscope (communications/sensor array) it produces a truly horrific navigation system. But what's Most important, is that it appears to demonstrate that on November 2014 in This reality, from August 2015 in Some reality, Malignanceship Was in space, and was/is communicating with someone/something known as "Bad Decisions". With formulas and calculations employed in the Malignoscope+QTPI experiment that One does not have. Cannot have (no great Google Formulas for One to employ).

So that's the breakthrough. There's further corruption in the video. Applying the same corruption and solution to the rest, One is hoping to recover more of the communication's missing content.

Work continues on Malignanceship.

-Lord Malignance

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

KIC 8462852

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you Will CROUCH! before me.
(Villains excepted, of course)

Malignanceship is in systems testing and preflight simulations. It Has flown, but since the radiation shielding upgrade and the subsequent weight to fuel ratio changes, it is an unknown once more. So there's That.

The Malignoscope+QTPI experiment is Also being overhauled as no less than 3 times recently it has Pinged for North Korean Hydrogen Bomb testing and as we know (in as much as probabilities in this M-Theory onion skin allow) there has Not been any such event. One has been pumping variables into the scanning scope to get back to something similar to what happened previously. The words "Lmae Orlisenuctun" is an anagram of some form, Latin is suspected and possibly two words. In Context it appears to be a name, and it Too spoke to an event which has not yet happened but was To have happened. SUtech jumbled it up trying to recover a quantum corruption and One can't put it back into order. One thinks it must mean something as it Was sent From SUtech at a time which would have been the future but is now past (and not an event that actually occurred). Ongoing tests.

The breakthrough this week came from vector targeting the uncharted area of space the NRAliens (my currently enslaved Lizardmen From the Earth's Core) were transmitting to. Yes, it's ridiculous. They were communicating from Beneath Colorado to a point in Space. From one point (the Lair) One couldn't track their communication target - just that it was beyond the Atmospheric Envelope. However, with tracking from the Galt's Gulch Space Center And the Lair, And the broadcast point of what One suspects was the NRAlien Transmission generator, a triangulated target of the Cygnus Constellation was broadly determined. Further narrowing the field with finer discriminators targeted Right Ascension 20h 06m 15.457s and Declination +44° 27′ 24.61″ . A main sequence star identified as KIC 8462852 . It goes without saying that the NRAliens aren't saying anything to confirm or deny this result, However, they have been chanting MAGA, MAGA, MAGA at night more often, which sounds exactly like "SSSSLAAAAAR" as everything Else they say Also sounds exactly the same.

The NRAliens are adding their technology to areas of Malignanceship and not by choice. One can be - persuasive. The ship is currently an amalgam of Modern Technology (5 years old now), Stolen DARPA plans, Reverse Engineered Hanger 18 technology (also Stolen - heh, heh, heh), some Villain Technologies from a few of my favorite technology Villains, the Lair AI SUtech, and now NRAlienTech. Theirs is a mineral based technology. Since the ship is running cold, and they Are coming With me into orbit, they've agreed to apply their knowledge to environmental controls. They're Killing my heating costs in the Lair, and this seems an agreeable accommodation. To Me, essentially their technology looks like rocks connected with ephemeral liquidic lines. Their systems move data units in chemical reactions across a fluid mineral medium. It isn't mercury (Oh Hell, One Hopes it's not mercury. It's probably not toxic to Them), but as a substance it seems to have similar properties. It is non ferrous and liquid at (warm) room temperature. Their communication lines are mineral filaments which have the appearance of a greyish flint in spider's web very fine and numerous connectivity.

Mort is out doing jobs for me to keep the collections running. He's an adequate Earner. Not quite like Bob or Nixon, but he is doing what is needed. It's not his Forte (heh, heh. Sorry) but his Reputation (the garrote) ensures his - Clients - are always happy to see him (leave).

Still racing the Ouray Snows.

-Lord Malignance
October 25th, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Racing Old Man Winter

Greetings and Lamentations,
I AM the Dire Lord Malignance, and before Me, All will Crouch!

In as much as these last years have been arduous they have been to a Purpose most Evil.

Malignanceship has been all time consuming, draining all the Lair Resources. The Space Center
in Ouray Colorado - the Galt's Gulch Space Center - has been unexpectedly expensive. DARPA plans
stolen (liberated) from ignorant and unimaginative drones with little more vision than Insects has yet
 still been unable to give my schemes the necessary advantage One needs to achieve launch.

Yesterday for example, a run of heat shielding tiles just fell off the bottom of Malignanceship. It was
 out in the open, just a run of them - about 40 - Fell Off. That can't Happen. But it Does. and that's
underneath the ship. Inside, Daily something goes wrong. The Holographic Interface is Problematic.

Try funding a space program from street level rackets, graft,  and influence peddling! Quite a few systems on  Malignanceship are experimental. Some are hypothetical. Some are Stolen DARPA Plans, some Hanger 19 reverse engineering, and whatever (frankly junk) technology the NRAliens Moe, Heston, and LaPierre can cobble together. (Need another name for the Moe).

That all said, One has made progress and Before the Ouray Snows come to bury the ship again, One is hoping to get some stills out, maybe a video or two. And the Ship Has performed atmospheric tests previously (before the ship was found severely - Dangerously lacking in Radiation shielding). The shielding changed the ship's weight, which required more chemical fuel lifters, and that in turn required more fuel, adding to the ship's weight, requiring more lifters - and on an on. Ultimately, it limited the ship's flight time. There's enough fuel for launch, reentry and a couple weeks of exoplanetary maneuvers. It should be enough to pinpoint the communication point the NRAliens were transmitting to. They have Not been very forthcoming on information about this. Despite my plying the persuasiveness of the Peril of my Will against them. One Did bolt an explosive package to the Moe's forehead - but he's been behaving rather well. Other than rabid Trump Support - they All do this. It's because they Truly hate humans and see Trump as the Apocalyptic Doombringer to Humanity. Their "monkey messiah". Which in their tongue sounds almost precisely like "slaaaar". This is because, pretty much Everything sounds like "slaaaar". The translator (thank you Google Translate and Google Labs) works it out to a few words in a growing database we use to communicate. That and tablets with pictures. Oh, they Understand English just fine. But they insist on Slaaaaring at me. This is what has replaced decent henchmen.

Speaking Of Henchmen, there's La Petit Mort - or 'Mort for short (heh - he's a small person). He's been keeping the Holdfast running while One manages the Malignanceship project, the Galt's Gulch Space Center and the Research projects that are going on. Without 'Mort, One would be buried under the weight of the responsibilities of preparing Malignanceship for spaceflight.

And there's, the Lair AI, being ported to Malignanceship. Free Windows10 upgrade really blew giant barn door size holes in the code, and essentially nothing is working. Still. One is attempting to recode it in Python, based on chatbot models with different AI models. But the Original SUtech was outsourced to different Villainous Code Houses who turned in something that was - acceptable. It developed quite an ability to detect and counter Ninja attacks on the Lair. By the way, Thank you Windows10 for that again. Ever Find a Ninja on the ceiling? One doesn't recommend it.

Oh, One Does Not Like the Russian Meddling with our democracy. That is an Understatement. One has said that Trump is a Villain - certainly he Is - the tropes are all present. But he's not the Capo. Trump takes his Instructions from Another, and That Villain is the one who has my Attention now. And those Bank Accounts can't stay Hidden forEver. One remembers the Villain Rasputin's End and the End of the Czar, Czarina and their family. A Very thorough Job done to end That period of rule.
That's How the Russian People approach redress. Judo yourself out of That.

There's already talk of Ubermas - the Villain Holiday in December - 'Mort is French and can't pass up an opportunity to cook. He excels at presentation. Because he's deeply, Deeply pretentious (and reads the blog, so he Knows this is true). He will tell you he's not pretentious, he's French. He means, we're savages and he's the sole bastion of civilization. He may be right - he Is quite skilled. One is financially stretched - Ubermas is typically where One goes out and bestows favor ($$$) on those who serve, and in turn allow the worthy to bask in the light of my presence. It's the Accounting in March where One goes out and trawls the Holdfast for Tribute. Without demonstrations of bounty in Ubermas, the reciprocal (Heh. Hint - it's Not equal. One Sqeeezes the Holdfast) courtesies may be lighter than desired. So - the push must be on for This as well. The Calendar is crowded - A month for Ubermas, a Month for the Accounting. Malignopalooza in August has started to creep up to a couple weeks now. And that's 'Mort's fault for making it more than it should be - though at This rate, we're two years to a 10 year anniversary, so it's unlikely to slow down before then. By the way,  Supposed to be in Space by now.

So, that's been the work these last two years. Non stop work on Malignanceship to the exclusion of all else, except Twitter. But Twitter is lazy. Mostly, One just retweets the work of others. Mostly because it's Necessary, and Not by my choice.

Winter in the Colorado Holdfast is coming. One hears it in the mountains, the cold winds blowing. Old Man Winter, the Mythical Villain of the Rockies. He's Anxious this year. The sky blows ill winds through the lands of Ice and Stone.
And the atmospheric controls in Malignanceship don't work very well Either. It runs Cold, and there's a smell of some adhesive that Certainly is causing cancer or brain damage or some Cursed thing. Bah!

If Villainy was Easy, we'd All be doing it.

Until next time,
-Lord Malignance

While writing this, LaPierre just determined that the gravity simulation system on Malignanceship Is in fact, garbage science and would never work anyway. There's two million in wasted tech. The One thing the NRAliens are actually good at - since it's certainly not English, Cooking, Politics, or Responsible Gun Ownership, is Mathematics. They excel at Geometry for some reason. They're remarkable in maths generally, but really very talented at Geometry. Not sure why. Something about their lizard brains. Will have to examine those...

Sunday, July 30, 2017


The Night Before the Night before Malignopalooza,

The Anniversary of My Evil...

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM the Lord Malignance and before me All Must CROUCH!
Villains excepted, still and of course.

It's been awhile and well past time to catch up. One celebrates Eight Years of Villainy The day after tomorrow. 5Years in the Humiliation of Real Live Superheroes, and these last Three with MetaCosmos.

And MetaCosmos, has been Quite a Labor.

But more on That later.

Prepare your Cognac and your Goblets, for Soon, the Celebrations Begin!

-Lord Malignance
Master of the Malignanceship