Monday, June 1, 2015

VNS Episode 4: The Strange Energy Surges Decrypted

Late on the Launch of Malignanceship - in recent atmospheric maneuvering exercises it was determined that there was a hazardous radiation leak in the area of the ship nearest the primary propulsion system - the Ion Drive. Heavy shielding was added, and that weight had to be factored into the launch systems which use chemical fuel for rocket lifters.

That Did however, allow time for the strange Energy Surges to be investigated, confirming other research that has been ongoing for years now. There is Something going on.

Launch dates are being recalculated and further testing and loading of supplies is ongoing at this time. The crew are back to their lives until called upon to report for the launch.

Oh, when One gets Back from space, those Lizardmen will be made to Crouch! before me. Who knows, maybe they have something to steal?

-Lord Malignnace
June 1st, 2015
Galt's Gulch Space Center
the Mighty Colorado Holdfast

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