Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Malignopalooza 2015 - Whew!

Greetings and Lamentations, I AM Lord Malignance and you Will Crouch! before me Now.
(Villains excepted, of course)

Those who have found the Wisdom to Crouch! before already, know that One has some appointments each year. The Accounting in the month of March, where One travels the state and accepts my due tribute from those who Serve Me.

And of course, Malignopalooza, the anniversary of One's beginning Online Evil, August 1st each year. This was year SIX, and as such, a large series of parties feasts, fetes and demonstrations of fealty were made, and One was obligated to accept these prostrations before Me.

And the subsequent recovery.

One genuinely believes they went all out this year believing that One would choose one of Them, to Rule My Colorado Holdfast in my upcoming absence. One shouldn't be gone long enough for it to matter. A couple months, maybe a year.

While One has been burning the Tuxedo Circuit in-state, upgrades and repairs to Malignanceship have been ongoing. It really Did suicide itself with an automatic upgrade to Windows10. The software overwrote the scripts for SUtech, gutted the voice controls and replaced it with Cortana. Cortana IS superior, in every measurable way - but; She's not Mine. Not Evil in that way One wants and needs. One will not Live in a "Matrix" not of my own creation.

So, One is looking at LINUX. Yes, it's finally gotten that desperate. There's some software out there, and one is taking a sheet of links to the computer lab onboard. One Has to - the Lair has been gutted and all resources moved into the Malignanceship. But there are many labs onboard, and a serviceable computerlab (used for robotics, but it works for a Lair/Ship AI as well).

A note: The video received from the Future? It was sent from a date just passed - and Nothing happened (that we can see). Quantum sweeps are ongoing, and the results have been inconclusive. Quarks. You Look at them, and they change state. Bah!

Upcoming features;
One found the UserID and Password for at Least One of the VBN Channels (Expect to see some of the works running around to be collected there).

We're almost ready for another test flight, and One hopes to get some footage posted.

One has been trying to monitor the strange energy emanations for anything new - but: One has been found - aetheric ripples occurring around the times of the transmissions from beneath the Earth's Surface. It Could be a reply of some sort, so That is being investigated. One thinks they might be neutrinos, and they're proving difficult to perceive let alone interact with in any way. But that is where One is looking next.

One needs to upgrade this blog with a sidebar with links, and one to the GGSC when they get their site up and running (because they're Also a secretive organization). Maybe C.L.A.W. - the European Cabal of Villains. Something on Nym Wars (One is leveraging pressure on a Certain Social Network. Heh... ).

If One doesn't launch into Earth's atmosphere soon, politics will start, and One will get sucked into That. So, Yes, need to get SUtech recoded as quickly as possible. Linux hardware driver coding. Can't wait.

- Lord Malignance
The GGSC Launch Structure aboard Malignanceship
Ourey, Colorado